Lakort modular buildings with Larus technology
LARUS Holding
- Multifunctional Pre-fab Modular Buildings,
- Motels, Offices, Schools, Kindergartens
- Workforce Camp Complexes,
- Containerized Accommodation, Office and
- Ablution Units,
- Custom made units, Shelters,
- Turn-key building solutions
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Our modular building concept has been originally designed for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent facility needs targeted at the oil & gas, mining, construction, and defense industries as well as some socially targeted purposes such as schools, kindergartens etc. We provide design, manufacturing, delivery and site installation of our products including but not limited to workforce accommodation camps, management housing compounds, drill camps, offices, kitchen/dining/recreation facilities, field clinic, warehousing and other custom made facility solutions. Our products are widely used in Austria, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Syria, Tunisia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Russia, Tatarstan, Norway, Egypt and in other countries.

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Lakort modular buildings: continuing of Larus